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There are many features on both Backend + Frontend you haven’t seen before.
Restosys.io helps they design ideas quickly and smart. Let review them!

Most Powerful & Complete WordPresss plugin for restaurant & fast food

You can do your research, but we’ll get the answer right away. Restosys.io is the most complete and powerful plugin for WordPress / Woocommerce for an affordable price and defies all competition. 

It’s translation ready plugin and compatible all WP Themes and Page builder. Our demo websites are made by Astra Theme + Elementor
You can setup without any premium theme or builder as well.

Add unlimited food & Menu

Add your food and menus without any restrictions. We add and configure your food on-demand so don't hesitate to ping us.

Advanced Delivery Zone

You can setup minimum order amount, delivery zone by Zipcode, Delivery Time limit AND/OR add additionnal fees for extra time or specific day (eg : from 10PM on Sunday delivery fees will be +2$).

Order in place

You can setup this option to allow your client make order online and choose to sit in place to take their food. Save time on cash counter.

Click & Collect

Allow your client make order online and come to pick up their food. They can setup date and time when they wish take away.

Add your branch restaurant

You have multiple branch on multiple city ? You don't have to create multiple website ! You can add all of your restaurant and assign for each of them their own configuration with same food items. Each branch restaurant can have their own delivery zone and royalty system on a specific dashboard.

Online Payment (Paypal & CB)

Take order from your online restaurant ! Your client can pay directly their order online using Paypal or credit/debit Card (Stripe payment is included)

time management

Opening time & Cut off

Configure for each restaurant your opening time and days. You can setup Cut off to allow your cooker take rast.


Order with friends

Take order for 4 or 8 people make you crazy right ? No problem boss, we have the solution. You can setup Menu for multiple people and allow each of them to select their preference (starter, drink, side dish, etc). Totally UserFriendly for your client !


Save your client preference

Chipstock or Fork ? French fries or Potatoes ? Avocado intolerance or the sandwich without the salad ? Isn't it boring for you and your client to go over the same questions over and over again? We offer you to learn and save the preferences of your customers.

Virtual Cash Register (for desktop)

Easily manage your customers' orders via a PC application that offers ease of use and speed in managing your orders.


Order Tips

Allow customers to leave a tip at the time of ordering.

printing invoices

Automated ticket printing

You can setup on automatic ticket printing on the desktop application (for pc).


Coupon Code management

Manage for each restaurant your coupon code. You can configure coupon code limits and restriction by date or number of orders. For example : 20% or 5€ discount on 1st order.


Custom Checkout

You can ask your customer custom question during checkout. For example : Do you prefer chopsticks or fork ?


Advanced dashboard

Track your orders in real time and monitor your restaurant’s statistics

Customer Royalties

Build customer loyalty thanks to the cumulative loyalty points that can be made with the number of orders and/or according to the dishes chosen


Style & Color customization (Slider inbuild)

Customize the colors and icons of your site as you want. You can manage and configure our integrated slider.


Custom Food item options

Give your customers the possibility to choose customizable options for each of your food items.

Advanced Food inventory

One of your dishes is out of success? It only takes one click to report it.

Full Features comparison : Free vs Paid

You need a solution that comes with a complete installation and configuration.
We deliver the turnkey solution to you.
No technical knowledge is required.
We take care of the maintenance, updating and security of the computer system.

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